GetPower “Gets It” With Impulse Displays

The money spent by consumers on cellular accessories is showing no signs of slowing down, and it’s thought that the cellular accessory market will soon top $50 billion dollars. With over 7 billion devices in use globally and 327 million in the United States alone (more devices than the population), the demand for phone and tablet accessories is soaring. Turn that overwhelming demand for cellular accessories into profits for your store with the GetPower line of impulse and retail packaged universal cellular products. The majority of cellular accessory purchases are made on impulse while standing in the checkout line. The GetPower line was designed, branded, and merchandised to pull in buyers in this exact spot. Consumers can easily see and learn about product features with GetPower’s brightly-branded merchandise. Each GetPower product is carefully designed and produced to meet and/or exceed OEM quality standards and safety. The demand for better and more innovative products is growing every day– fulfill that need with GetPower products!

Check out this awesome video on YouTube, showing just a mere glimpse at the wide variety of impulse products available from the GetPower brand.

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