Beware of Faulty Lightning® Cables

When you use unauthorized Lightning cables or accessories that are not genuine Apple products, iOS 7 will give you a warning message “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” Currently, you may be able to dismiss the warning message, if the cord still works at all, but it is only a matter of time before Apple may completely shut out these non-genuine charging cables from working with their devices.

How? Well, what it comes down to, is what is inside that tiny, little, mysterious Lightning tip plug. Apple has placed inside the tip of each Lightning tipped plug – 4 embedded chips, including a security chip that can figure out if the connection is made by an authorized MFi (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) or Apple Certified partner. The Lightning connector affects the iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPod touch 5th generation, and the iPod nano 7th generation.

GetPower is a certified and genuine MFi partner with Apple. With GetPower’s Lightning tipped cords, you will never have to worry about getting stuck with a non-working, non-approved, or error-causing cable. Even GetPower’s packaging for its Lightning products has to go through a rigorous approval process with Apple before allowing to be placed into production, yet alone onto market shelves. GetPower believes in upholding and/or exceeding all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) phone standards with its products. GetPower makes universal cellular accessories for phones with quality and safety as a number one priority. GetPower will not skimp on technology, power output, or safety measures just to be able to provide the lowest pricing on the market. (e.g. GetPower plugs will not “get hot,” they have no RF/radio interference/feedback.) GetPower also understands the growing power demands and needs for smartphones and tablets in the market and ensures that all its products will charge your devices efficiently. With quality products comes satisfied and happy customers.


GetPower has an ever evolving line of MFi certified Lightning tip cables.

GetPower’s Part Numbers:
GP-PCUSB-IPH5  (2.1Amp Car Cord with Extra USB Port and Lightning Tip)
GP-USB-IPH5  (USB Charging and Sync Cable with Lightning Tip)
GP-XL-USB-L (10 Foot USB Charging and Sync Cable with Lightning Tip)
CWP-USBBOWL-iP5 (USB Charging and Sync Cable with Lightning Tip in Impulse Countertop Bowl)

So how can you tell what is or isn’t a genuine Apple or MFi certified product?
Apple MFi certification is a license showing that Apple (Apple Inc.) has authorized the accessory manufacturer to mark their products compatible with iPhone, iPod, and/or iPad. This is indicated (though sometimes duplicated) by the Made For: iPhone/iPod/iPad icon.  ALWAYS LOOK FOR THIS LOGO!


Apple® MFi Made for logo

There are strict regulations on how Apple’s unified logos and icons can be placed onto a MFi partner’s packaging. The rate of getting MFi certified is under 5%. In order to ensure the Apple brand image, Apple requires the quality of accessories with a MFi icon to be on the same level as an Apple product. Only after passing multiple tests can this license be obtained. The accessories with a MFi icon hold a more reliable guarantee for customers than others. It is a symbol of high-quality and strength of technology for manufacturers that have successfully obtained a MFi license. Apple Inc. has issued specific and mandatory requirements that functional accessories for Apple products be produced and sold only by authorized manufacturers with a certified MFi license. Apple will not honor any warranties on their products if the product in question was used with an uncertified accessory.

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