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Technology moves at lightning speed, and as technology progresses, it seems like there is an endless procession of new devices to keep us connected at all times. The devices are incredibly powerful, and can perform a limitless list of tasks. It is now commonplace for people of all ages to have a smartphone. That’s not to mention the millions of tablets, iPods, digital cameras, and GPS devices that are in use all across the country. All of these devices serve as important tools in our day to day lives, but they also come with a thirst for power. It is for this reason that I highly recommend the GetPower USB and AC Wall Plate Adapter.

The new GetPower USB and AC Wall Plate Adapter is a great no-install option to offer customers; just plug and play.  The unit can easily become a semi-permanent installation by utilizing the extended wall plate screw.  The GetPower USB and AC Wall Plate Adapter offers an industry leading 4.1 Amps of total USB power, designed to easily charge a large tablet, and two smartphones all at the same time. The unit also is ETL Certified and protects your devices with surge protection during stormy weather.

The new GetPower USB and AC Wall Plate Adapter has been a transformative item in my own household. Gone are the days of having phones, iPods, and iPads plugged into multiple wall outlets, creating a never ending tangled mess, and people fighting to get a spot on the outlet. The new GetPower USB and AC Wall Plate Adapter allows you to transform a standard 2 outlet wall plate in your home to an all in one charging station. The wall adapter plate comes standard with a 3 LED light system to let you know when your device has finished charging, and it boasts 3 USB ports, 2 @ 1 Amp output to charge smartphones, and 1 @ 2.1 Amps capable of charging tablet computers. The other great feature about the LED light system is that you don’t have to get up and screen your device screen to see if your device is fully charged, the red/yellow/green status light lets you see from across the room when your device has finished charging.

The great thing is that, while adding the 3 USB ports to your standard wall outlet, you don’t have to give up the 2 standard outlets, as they are included. The GetPower USB and AC Wall Plate Adapter produces enough power to charge 3 of your wireless devices while still being able to plug in 2 of your household appliances at the same time.

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