Digital Downloads – SafeTrek App (For Walking Alone)



Walking alone anywhere at night can cause anyone to feel unsafe. Whether it’s a dark parking lot, an empty parking garage, walking home late at night from class, or meeting friends in an unfamiliar area – SafeTrek allows you to be proactive with your safety.

Here’s how it works:

Before heading out, simply turn ON your SafeTrek app. SafeTrek will ask you to place your finger on the screen of your phone, and keep it there for the duration of your journey. When you safely arrive at your destination, you can remove your finger and enter in a pin code created by you. Should your finger ever come off the screen, you just need to enter in your pin. If at any time your finger comes off the screen and you fail to enter your code within ten seconds, SafeTrek will then notify the police of your location. Holding your finger on the screen prepares the message, entering the code cancels the message, not entering the code sends the alert to police.


SafeTrek is available for Android and Apple in their appropriate marketplaces for $1.99-$3.99. SafeTrek would also make a great gift for someone who is heading off to college, works in the city, hits up the gym late at night, is a frequent traveler, etc.


Available for Android and Apple
Is a safety companion when you are walking alone
Easy to use

– Your device must be GPS and mobile data enabled
– Your device must successfully send and receive GPS and mobile data signals
– The app may not work in remote areas where service signals may be weak, or heavily crowded areas where GPS may have a difficult time connecting.

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